Looking for the perfect backdrop for an unforgettableā€¦

Holiday Party
Bar & Bat Mitzvah
Birthday Party
Graduation Party
Retirement Party
Any Special Occasion

Lotus Moments Event Center is perfect for all occasions. The space is versatile and adaptive to your needs. Our resources span from, but are not limited to, Event Planners, Caterers, DJ Services, Photographers, Decorators, Florists and more. We are more than happy to provide vendor suggestions or you can bring in your own party experts.

Celebrate your special moments in the warm cozy environment of Lotus Moments Event Center. Our spacious venue with wood floors allow us to host up to 300 guests for sit down dinners with a fantastic dance floor and kitchen space for your perfect catering experience.

"As life twists and turns, there are moments along the way that light our path. These milestones are the flames that fuel us to live beautiful, fulfilling lives. May Lotus Moments help make these events an elegant masterpiece.