Welcome to the Lotus Moments Event Planning Tool!

By walking through our four planning steps: Inform, Date, Decorate, and Contact Us, we seek to provide you with the best overview of what Lotus Moments Event Center has to offer. The following four event planning steps are provided as a tool for your planning purposes. Unfortunately, your selections regarding date and decorations will not be saved. Date reservation is solidified only after the contract and the payment procedure have been completed according to the policy of Lotus Moments Event Center. Please feel free explore Lotus Moments by walking through our four planning steps by building your tentative event! Thank you!

Everything you need to know about Lotus Moments Event Center

Here we have compiled some specific guidelines about holding your event at Lotus Moments Event Center. Please thoroughly explore the interactive information below titled "Lotus Moments Event Planning Guidelines" or download the information as a PDF here.

Secondly, we also have several important forms and contracts that can be found for download in the list below:

  1. Lotus Moments Rental Agreement
  2. Catering Agreement
  3. Duties to be completed after event

Please be attentive in these details as they outline the specific policies of Lotus Moments Event Center.

Lotus Moments Event Planning Guidelines


All events at Lotus Moments Event Center must be professionally catered. Lotus Moments Event Center has a list of approved caterers. Please contact us for the list. The caterers on our "Recommended" list have catered numerous successful events and Lotus Moments Event Center has researched their track record. Caterers who are familiar with our venue and our policies are better prepared to help you with the planning process. The caterers who appear on our "Approved" list meet Lotus Moments Event Center’s requirements to cater events in our facility.

If your prospective caterer is not on our list, your caterer must be pre-approved by Lotus Moments before contracting with them to cater at our facility. The pre-approval process involves familiarizing your caterer with our facility, our usage policies, and reviewing their references. Lotus Moments Event Center has certain basic requirements a caterer must meet before being added to our list, but it is a very simple procedure to give your caterer a tour of our facility and take a look at your caterer’s list of references to determine if they are eligible to be on our list of approved caterers.

Event Planning & Management

There is an in-house manager on duty during your entire event, and the manager will work closely with your caterer to make sure set-up and clean-up is done in a timely and proper manner, as well as help to insure things run smoothly for the entire duration of your event. We will be happy to help you select vendors and give advice and guidance, but we do not provide event planning. Lotus Moments Event Center has several recommended event planners listed on our web site, and we can help you select a planner if you would like their services. Please keep in mind that while Lotus Moments Event Center will assist in helping your event run smoothly, we are not responsible for food, timelines, announcements, decorations, and/or the performance of your caterer, so selection of caterers and/or event planners should be very carefully considered.


Catering companies must be in possession of a valid food service license, worker’s compensation insurance, and have a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance. The liability policy must not exclude liquor liability if alcohol will be served at your event. The caterer must provide Lotus Moments Event Center with proof of such insurance at least 30 days prior to your event. If your caterer does not have liability insurance that includes liquor liability, a policy must be purchased by the client. Check with your home/auto insurance company, as they may offer competitive rates. Many of our clients have purchased insurance online at: Lotus Moments Event Center requires a minimum of $1 million in liquor liability insurance, and Lotus Moments Event Center, LLC must be listed as “Additional Insured” We will need a copy of proof of insurance at least 30 days prior to your event. If you or your caterer do not have liquor liability insurance in place at the time of your event, you will not be able to serve alcoholic beverages.


All rentals (furniture, glassware, linens, flatware, etc.) must be rented from Lotus Moments Event Center’s approved vendors. Lotus Moments Event Center works closely with them to schedule deliveries and pickups for all of our events. Your caterer may choose to bring linens and other rental items with them, but these items must be brought in by your caterer, and would need to leave the facility with the caterers at the end of the event.


Lotus Moments Event Center does not have a liquor license, so you may bring in your own alcohol to serve at your event. Unless you are in possession of a special event liquor license, (usually issued only to non-profit organizations) your event may not be open to the general public, you cannot sell tickets to your event, and you may not have a cash bar. All alcoholic beverages must be served by a licensed and insured caterer. There can be no self-service bars or wine left on tables for self-service. Caterers must follow all State and Federal laws, and may not serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. All guests must be in possession of a valid ID. Lotus Moments Event Center and/or your caterer can refuse service of alcohol to anyone if we/they feel a guest is intoxicated, or if they do not have a valid ID. Service of alcohol must end at 1:30 a.m., or 30 minutes prior to the end of your event, which generally means “last call” will be made 45 minutes prior to event end, and alcohol service will end 15 minutes later. Please make sure to carefully read Lotus Moments Event Center’s liquor policy in your contract for further details.


Lotus Moments Event Center has an ice machine in our building, which produces 100 lbs. of ice which you or your caterer may use for your event. Ice may not be delivered, as the plastic bags ice is delivered in are not leak-proof. Please make sure to inform the liquor store not to deliver ice with your order, as well as notify your caterer that ice is provided for their use at our facility.

Event Time

Your caterer and/or other vendors may arrive as soon as your contracted rental time begins. Lotus Moments Event Center suggests reserving a minimum of 2 hours for your caterer to set up, and 1 hour after all guests depart for clean up. Please check with your caterer to determine the exact amount of time they will need, as sometimes more elaborate events can require more time. All decoration, deliveries, set-up, and clean-up must be done during the hours that you have rented the facility. Please make sure your vendors know these times, as any additional time needed must be purchased. If your caterer arrives before your contracted time, or stays later than your contracted time, you will be charged for the time they use.


All deliveries from vendors must occur during your rental time. Any deliveries or pick-ups not occurring during your rented time will be refused. All deliveries, their timeliness, and accuracy is the responsibility of your vendors, and NOT Lotus Moments Event Center. Any special delivery or pick-up not occurring during your rented time must be pre-approved by Lotus Moments Event Center, and occur during Lotus Moments Event Center’s regularly scheduled business hours of: Tuesday – Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., and may not interfere with other events. A fee may be charged for special deliveries, so please check with Lotus Moments Event Center for any fees that may apply.

  1. Liquor: Liquor deliveries must be pre-arranged, and often liquor stores will deliver items for you either for free or for a very reasonable fee. In some cases, wine, alcohol, and bottled beer may be delivered in advance by the client or liquor store as long as that delivery is pre-arranged with Lotus Moments Event Center.
  2. Kegs: Lotus Moments Event Center does not have a walk-in cooler, and cannot keep anything refrigerated for you unless it is during your allotted rental time. We have two full-size refrigerators and three equally sized freezers. Since kegs must be kept cold, keg deliveries may only occur once your rental time begins. Kegs and tap handles/pumps must leave the facility with the caterer or client at the end of event, and cannot be left at Lotus Moments Event Center for pick up. If you are having a keg delivered, check to make sure a waterproof container is provided for you. You may not have a keg that is not placed in a waterproof container in the facility.
  3. Open Liquor: At the end of the event, all open liquor must be removed from the facility by the client or caterer. Lotus Moments Event Center does not provide storage, so please be sure to make arrangements for this in advance. Liquor may not be left for pick-up the following day.
  4. Unused/unopened liquor: Most liquor stores will buy back alcohol that has not been opened, as long as the label and packaging is intact. If your liquor store provides this service, your caterer may box unopened/unused items for you here at Lotus Moments Event Center for the liquor store to pick-up. Liquor store pick-up must be pre-arranged, and occur on the next business day Lotus Moments Event Center is open following your event. The client is responsible for all pick-up fees. Any liquor not picked up on the scheduled day will be discarded.
  5. All client provided beverages must leave with client at the end of the event, and may not be left for pick up at a later date.
  6. Flowers: Florist deliveries should take place during your rented time. In some cases, flowers may be delivered in advance by the florist, as long as that delivery is pre-arranged with Lotus Moments Event Center. All flowers and/or vases must leave the facility at the end of the event with the client or the caterer. Any flower arrangements that will be placed on the floor must be in waterproof containers.
  7. Cakes/Desserts: Talk to your caterer to determine the best time to have your cake delivered, as Lotus Moments Event Center does not have a refrigerated unit large enough to store it. Cake toppers, cake knives, and pedestals should leave the facility with the client or caterer at the end of the event.

Pre-Event Walk Through

You must schedule a pre-event walk-through planning meeting with you, your caterer, and a Lotus Moments Event Center representative. At this time, we will go over the event details, furniture arrangement, scheduled deliveries, and timing of your event. This meeting must occur between 30 and 14 days prior to your event. Your caterer must attend this meeting. This meeting takes place to help ensure that everything will go smoothly, and that all details of the event are covered. You should bring contact information for all vendors you will be using for your event. Please remember the earlier you plan your walk-through, the more time you have to make adjustments to the details of your event. 1 hour is set aside for the pre-event walk-through, and is available at no charge. Time in excess of one hour is billable at the rate of $50 per hour, so please try to be prompt and bring your vendor contact information with you.


Lotus Moments Event Center is an art gallery, and art work will remain for sale on the walls during all events. All decorating can only take place during your rented time, and not while the gallery is open to the public. Art may not be removed from the gallery walls. If you have a photo or piece of art you wish to display during your event, Lotus Moments Event Center has artist’s easels you may ask to use.
No decorations may be hung, nailed, or tacked to/from the windows or window frames, or any of the wood surfaces. Only pre-approved items may be attached to wall surfaces or suspended from thumbtacks from the ceiling. Candles may be used on tables as long as they are in votive holders or other appropriate fireproof containers. No candles may be placed on the floor, windowsills, stairs, balcony, railings, or plants.
Any decorating that requires the use of a ladder within our facility may only be done by a person employed by a company that carries worker’s compensation insurance. That employee must be “on the clock” and climbing on a ladder must be something that the employee is authorized to do by their employer as part of their regular work related duties. No guests of the client, or vendors hired by the client who cannot provide proof of worker’s compensation insurance will be permitted to climb on ladders within our facility.
You may rent “Pipe & Drape” curtains through your caterer if you wish to block off any areas.

Prohibited Items

Birdseed, rice, bubbles/bubble machines, fog machines, open flames/fireworks/sparklers, real rose petals (you may use silk petals), glitter/confetti, Silly String, and any other items that may damage artwork, the facility, or cause accidents or injury to occur are prohibited. Please check with Lotus Moments Event Center to make sure that any questionable items are not prohibited. All ice sculptures must be pre-approved, and may not be accepted from all vendors. Items that pose a trip hazard may not be placed on the stairs, or in such a manner as to block building egress.

Set up-Tear down

All set-up and tear-down for your event is usually done by the caterer, including tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, cake and gift tables, and buffet. When choosing a caterer make sure this is a service that they provide. Lotus Moments Event Center can provide room-set services for the tables and chairs that are part of our rental package for you as long as this service is pre-arranged, and a room map of the desired layout is provided. Lotus Moments Event Center does charge a fee for this service.

Post event clean-up

The client is responsible for clean-up after the event. Normally the caterer will provide clean up after your event, so when hiring a caterer, please check to make sure this service is provided. All in-house tables and chairs must be folded and stacked at the north side of the facility. All linens must be bagged, and all dishes must be rinsed clean of debris if they are to be left at Lotus Moments Event Center. Trash must be bagged and removed to the proper containers at the back of the building. The floors must be swept clean of any broken glass or large debris. The sink, refrigerator, and freezers must be empty and wiped clean. Clean-up must be completed during the contracted time and any overages will be billed to you. Please make sure your caterer feels they can complete clean-up for your event in the time allotted. Caterer must check with the manager on duty before leaving to make sure clean up is done to the satisfaction of Lotus Moments Event Center. The caterer may not leave until after the conclusion of the event and all guests have left.


You and your caterer are welcome to use the recycling containers. Cardboard boxes must be broken down and bottles must be placed in the appropriate recycling containers. If your caterer does not recycle, they will need to take the trash with them and dispose of it themselves. If your caterer is composting waste, they must take it with them to dispose of properly, as Lotus Moments Event Center does not have a composting bin at this time.

Booking a Ceremony Rehearsal

Lotus Moments Event Center has a minimum rental time of 5 hours for advanced booking. Often times, people do not need 5 hours of rental time to have a ceremony rehearsal, so we suggest contacting us a few weeks before your event to see what times are available. There is no minimum rental time if you are renting 14 days or less in advance, and there are often windows of time which are still available in between scheduled events. As available, the facility can be rented for only a single hour or two.