Our wedding was one of the three greatest events of my lifetime. I have never in my life felt so honored, cherished, and celebrated as the day that Frank Sposeto joined me to him forever. We made sacred vows that afternoon at our church and then met our family and friends at Lotus Moments for a celebration that still makes me smile when I remember it. That morning, my sisters and mothers had spent festive bonding moments selecting decorations together from Renatta’s table décor to go with the items they had brought. I walked into the room as Mrs. Frank Sposeto, the dance lights reflecting off the polished floors, and the sounds of my friends and family waiting for our arrival and was transported into a Fairytale.

We’ve been married for two years now. Life is full of everyday casual moments. But our life together began in a magical way that makes all of the everyday moments special. You won’t remember what happened three weeks ago but you will remember for the rest of your life the day that you joined with the love of your life. Let Lotus Moments make that day something extraordinary.

Love you, tam

~ Tammy and Frank, Newton, Iowa